The PREMIUM60 Acoustic solution

Introducing the PREMIUM 60 Acoustic Panel – the perfect solution for all your DIY soundproofing. The PREMIUM 60 solves convenience while maintaining the high-quality Scandinavian design Nordic Acoustic is known for. With its shipping-friendly size, effortless setup and modern design, it is the perfect solution for all your DIY soundproofing needs. Whether you’re looking to soundproof a home studio, office, or living room, this squared acoustic panel is ideal. Its sleek and contemporary design will complement any decor while effectively reducing unwanted noise. Upgrade your space with the PREMIUM 60 Acoustic Panel today. 

  • Shipping-friendly size 
  • Modern Scandinavian design 
  • Ideal for DIY  
  • European production
  • Eco-friendly materials

The PREMIUM 60 in details.

High-quality wooden veneer  

Our premium 60 panels feature top-tier real wood veneers, seamlessly bringing the beauty and authenticity of nature into your living spaces.

100% recycled felt 

On the back of the acoustic panel is our GRS-certified felt. It is made out of 100% recycled polyester in high quality to incorporate sustainability in every fibre of our work, and our panels. The felt serves as a great blocker of background noise that causes headaches. 

Classic oak 1 (3)

PEFC certified MDF 

Our Deep Black MDF is certified by the PEFC. We do this to ensure our wood is from a forest that is managed in line with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements. On every PREMIUM 60 panel, you will find this deep black MDF behind the veneer, making the sound quality better while serving as an aesthetic part of your interior design. Read more on our datasheet. 

Experience the colours.


The easy solution

PREMIUM 60 is the ideal panel for anyone looking to achieve great acoustic in no time. Its simple shape makes it easy to transport and set up. At its core, PREMIUM 60 is designed with 3 things in mind: an easy setup, a modern design and improved acoustics. 

The PREMIUM 60 is designed for easy installation, making it great for DIY projects. No special tools or expertise are required. It features a sleek and contemporary design that will complement any decor. The PREMIUM 60 is designed to reduce unwanted noise and improve the overall acoustics of your space. 

The PREMIUM 60 Acoustic Panel is available in Classic Oak and Walnut colours to match various decor styles. The Classic Oak offers a timeless natural wood finish. While the Walnut finish adds elegance and warmness to any modern or contemporary space. Using real natural wood veneer in these colours adds a layer of texture and warmth to the room. 
These colours are popular in interior design, allowing you to easily create a designer-level aesthetic in any room 



PREMIUM 60 in living room

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